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Version 16.0.0

New in Novapoint Base

Date 2018-05-28

Trimble Novapoint GeoSuite Toolbox 16.0.0 is the version recommended for Trimble Novapoint 21.0x

Updates for Novapoint GeoSuite Toolbox/Archive

  • GeoSuite Toolbox/Archive crashes when exporting KML files to Dropbox
  • Import Comments via GPX-file from Novapoint GO

Swedish version

  • Block deliveries with wrong EPSG code (Gothenburg)

Updates for Novapoint GeoSuite Presentation

  • Fix: Civil Boreholemanager scales wrong under different DPI's and textsizes. Custom scaling may corrupt the dialogboxes. Buttons/Text overlapping/disappearing.
  • In AutoCAD/Winrit and Interpretation show text according to decription or material name. In Novapoint 20 FP6 and Novapoint 21 description is displayed instead of material name. In AutoCAD/Civil3D/WinRit material name is displayed.
  • Unit Bq/kg for Environmental investigations introduced.
  • Fix: Groundwater-diagrams do not display levels below 0.0.
  • Fix: Import groundwater wizard. Replace option implemented.
  • Fix: Groundwater and update groundwater figure causes program crash.
  • Fix: New SGF-format and Vane Test. The old format skipped lines with AA, AD, AB. This should not be done in the new format. New format do not require HA HB HC
  • Include Extra Points in Update Plan. Check box to include Extra Points (interpretation) from database in “Plane Update”.
  • Case-insensitive DetailedLayerDescription (defined by the user) in Civil 3D.
  • Profile+Distance on long section does not consider KM-stations file. Special call in AutoCAD draw text station+distance which add a specification of a KM-station File.
  • Borehole wizard for not only name,x y, z. Add methods and boring depths as an option.
  • Fix: LimeCement module crashes randomly
  • Fix: CPT and Alternate drawing option, scale for resistivity should be under qc/qt
  • Fix: Long Section and error outside Alignment. Numerical rounding error fixed.
  • Unload/clear Lime Cement module. Clear memory from existing Lime cement data/grid. Do not erase in database.
  • Selection from selection sets and alignment in Civil3D dosen't include interpreted points.
  • Create boundary for surfaces based on alignment selection of start/stop and distance left/right from alignment.
  • Alignment name used as Layer name on plan view drawing.

Norwegian version

  • Core drilling protocol in Swedish, should be in Norwegian. Nomenclature synchronized as far as possible as in Novapoint Tunnel.
  • If a Totalsondering (Soil and rock-drilling) is read with Filter=No it can not be changed by the program.

Swedish version

  • Fix: Clear data according to sensitive methods clears data for CPT instead of Slb
  • Fix: If all Groundwater registration data are “TORR” the diagram will be plotted with vales for max/min as -99999. Will give a corrupt diagram.
  • Fix: Top level text for Groundwater profile. If the “Top of tube” level is close to soil surface the text disappear.

Updates for Novapoint GeoSuite Stability

  • On calculate: Temporary files using local computer instead of server
  • Soil profiles in Stability - import of result from Soil Profiles
  • Support background/Xref drawings created by AutoCAD 2018

Updates for Novapoint GeoSuite Settlement

  • -

Updates for Novapoint GeoSuite Pile Group

  • Table and chart missing in result UI
  • BUG: Plotting of skin friction

Updates for Novapoint GeoSuite Supported Excavation / Sheet Piles

  • Confusing label when creating user defined database

Updates for Novapoint GeoSuite Soil Profiles

  • This is a beta version of the program and should be used based on that knowledge, see known issues below.

Watch this video to see example of use: UdifR7s_7HU

Known issues

  • Plasticity data not shown as a line between the three points of a depth (as in the picture below) but as points
  • Soil classification not implemented yet
  • Oedometer test interpretation with Sällfors method not implemented yet
  • Input validation is limited which means that unrealistic input can cause errors or even program crashes.
  • CPT interpretation: User given Nk factor is constant with depth (shall be in a table vs depth)
  • CPT interpretation: For Conrad: Only possible to use the same equation for the whole profile (shall use Index properties classification to find correct equation)
  • Only calculation of sensitivity in the Index properties table (shall be for more parameters)
  • Parameters for strength and deformation parameters, including non-cohesive soil is not implemented yet
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