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Compatibility Breaks

Between some versions there may be compatibility breaks resulting in some data not being able to be used in one version after it has been used in another.

←— Between versions —→ Description
Novapoint 2020 Novapoint 2022 Road modelling
Inside the dialog for 'Rounding, Rock Shelf and Topsoil Top Cut', the data storage of indata for 'Topsoil removal Top Cut' has changed making it not backwards compatible, and content will be cleared in Novapoint 2020. Opening in Novapoint 2022 will still keep the data unless new data has been added in Novapoint 2020.

Water&Sewer tasks
When a WS-task has been opened/edited inside Novapoint 2022 it cannot be opened in Novapoint 2020.
To continue working in Novapoint 2020 you will need to make a new task and export/import the indata from the task that is no longer compatible. Export must be done in Novapoint 2022.

Presentation tasks (2D, 3D, Cross-section, Long-section)
Changes in how task attachments (presentation rules) are stored makes the task not backwards compatible.
Novapoint 21 Quadri for Windows 2020 / Novapoint 2020 Users should be aware that tasks in Quadri for Windows 2020/Novapoint 2020 now are able to re-use result features when they are re-run. If these tasks are re-run in Novapoint 21, the task will delete and replace the result features with new objects.
This means that any dependent tasks that directly uses the result features (subsequently its GUID) as input (instead of dynamic queries pointing to tasks and features/attributes) will be invalid.

NOTE: This issue is not a new one, but how data has been handled in all versions of Novapoint before NP2020. Users will not notice any problems as long as they still use the Dynamic Query to point to tasks and featuretypes, which is the most normal thing to do.

Best practices:
1. Generally it is recommended to use the Dynamic Query to ask for tasks and features, and use the filter function to pick specific data
2. Avoid creating queries in the dynamic query dialogue that drill down to instance selection (picking a specific feature inside a feature type)
3. Avoid making the query by selecting geomery directly in a view.
Novapoint 21 Quadri for Windows 2020 Volume Tool: tasks that has been edited/changed in Quadri for Windows 2020 is not possible to open in a previous version.
When you try to open the Table View task in Novapiont 21 you will see a message related to to this in the Process Info.

Road Sign: Road Sign tasks opened in Novapoint 2020 cannot be opened in Novapoint 21.
Novapoint 21 Novapoint 21.FP1 New task settings in tasks for Road, Elevation, Alignment, Railway, Terrain Shaping, Slope Surface will be cleared when opening in older versions.
Novapoint 20 Novapoint 21 Projects upgraded to Novapoint 21 or later cannot be opened in Novapoint 20 or earlier versions.
Novapoint 20 Novapoint 21 Modelfiles related to Road, Railway and Water/Sewer tasks are not possible to open in previous versions
after they have been opened in Novapoint 21 or later.
Novapoint 19 Novapoint 20 Projects upgraded to Novapoint 20 or later cannot be opnend in Novapoint 19 or earlier versions.
All versions The Feature Catalogue in the Quadri Model cannot be downgraded to an older version of the Feature Catalogue.
For all versions, functionality found in newer versions will not work in older versions.

Also, projects created in newer versions may have newer Feature Catalogues that do not exist in previous installations and therefore may not start.

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