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MOUS_ICO Models > Select Model > Activity > Worksets

The workset menu lists all the downloaded worksets of the selected model. Details listed are the name of the Project, the name of the Workset, Time Created and ID of User that has downloaded the workset.


If the workset has any reservations, a lock icon will show up in the Reservations column. Click the arrow button and select Reservations in the drop-down list to see details on what Tasks and Feature Types are reserved. The number of reserved features is shown in paranthesis behind each feature type. The third column lists any Locked Features if there are any in the selected model.


If you click the arrow button, you can select Activity in the drop-down list to see details on what Server Operations have been performed on the selected workset. In addition to the server operation, the Time and the Description are also listed. Common server operations are Share and Receive. The bottom row with New is the initial download of the workset.


If you click the Show Disconnected Worksets checkbox, and if the workset has been disconnected, an icon will show up in the Disconnected column.

If you want to disconnect one or more worksets, select the workset(s) and click the Disconnect Workset button.

Note that if you disconnect a workset, all changes done locally in this workset and not shared to the server will be lost, and you need to download a new workset to continue working on the project in Novapoint (Join Project).

Click here to see better ways to disconnect a workset if possible.

You can export the list of worksets to Excel by clicking the larger arrow at the top of the list.

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