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Standard vs. Professional

If you already have a license and need help setting it up, check this page.

This is a comparision of Trimbles Novapoint Road Standard and Novapoint Road Professional.

Trimble Novapoint Road Functions StandardProfessional
Road model along an alignment X X
Produce 3D features with attributes X X
Build against terrain and subsurface layers X X
Add features to the cross-section as illustration objects X X
Road Cross-section Designing
Create Road task from task template X X
Vertical Override X X
Cross-section Viewer X X
Cross-section from Road Standard X
Crossfall calculation X
Widening calculation X
Road surface X X
Pavement X X
Advanced Pavement X X
Landscaping X X
Sight Distance Analysis X
Junction Wizard X
Move Chainage X
Draft Cross-section drawings X X
Illustration Objects X X
Closed Ditch X X
Design Objects X
Property Boundaries X
Add and Remove Material X
Rounding X
Rock shelf X
Minimum Ditch Depth X
Sodding X
Subgrade X
Import from IND X X
Export to IND X X
Export to GEN X X
Quantity Report X X
Setting Out Data X X
Settings X X
Alignment Design Tool
Insert Line X X
Insert Arc X X
Insert Transition Curve X X
Insert Missing Transition Curves X
Insert Min. Arc where Line-Line X X
Insert Arc in Line X
Insert Line in Arc X
Trim Alignment X X
Trim Start and End X X
Break Alignment X
Turn Alignment X X
Move Alignment X X
Mirror Alignment X
Offset Alignment X X
Connect Alignment X X
Lift Alignment X
Sink Alignment X
Stretch element X
Drag along Polyline X
Get fixed Points from Result X X
Calculate Angular Points X
Split Angular Points X
Append Combination X
Append Angular Points X X
Split after element X
Delete element and Split X
Calculate Angular Point X
Split Angular Point X
Follow Terain X
Propose Segments X X
Parallel Lines X X
Parallel Lines Width X X
Advanced 3D polyline offset X
Coordinate transformation X
Horizontal Offset Diagram X
Speed Diagram X
Culvature Diagram X
Minimum Values X X
Road Design Standard X
External Data X X
Terrain Setup X X
Add/Delete help line X
Enter increase/decrease step value X
Reference Points X
History X
Erase X X
Export/Import to (TIT+NYL+SEG) (*.TIT) X X
Export/Import to (TIT+NYL+SEG+NDB+RES) (*.TIT) X X
Export/Import to (LIN+PRF) (*.LIN) X X
Export/Import to (LI+NYL) (*.LI) X X
Export/Import to (DAT+NYL) (*.DAT)) X X
Export/Import to (TXT) (*.TXT)) X X
Export/Import to (XML) (*.XML)) X X
Import to (NADB) (*.NDB)) X X
Import to (ISPOL) (*.ISL)) X X
Alignment Design from Points X
Draw Extra Chainage Point X
Draw Extra Chainage Point from Reference Alignment X
Vertical Information along Alignment X
Distance beetwen two Alignments X X
Intersection between two Alignments X
Draw Longitudinal Profile X X
Draw Multiple Longitudinal Profile X
Draw Longitudinal Profile from Quadri X X
Split Long section from Road Model X X
Update Longitudinal Profile from Road Model X X
Draw Chainage Break Symbol X
Trim Alignment X
Delete Alignment in Drawing X X
Adjust Chainage X
Draw Road Elevation Annotations X
Draw Matchlines along Line X
Draw Plan Frames along Line X
Plan and Profile Layout Generator X
Draw Multiple Plan and Profile from Layout X
Draw Multiple Grid X
Draw Cross-sections from Road Model X X
Draw Terrain Cross-sections X X
Update Road Model Cross-sections X X
Draw Symbols to Cross-sections X
Draw Road Model X X
Draw Multiple Road Models X
Draw Road Superelevation Annotations X
Draw Sight Distance Lines X
Intersection Tools
Roundabout X
T-intersection X
X-intersection X
Median X
Deflecting Island X
Road Access X X
Turnaround X X
Draw Sight Triangles at Intersection X
Road Edge Rounding X X
Road Edge: 2R X
Road Edge: 2R2A X
Road Edge: 2R3A X
Road Edge: 3R2A X
Vehicle Track Analysis
Make Path, General Path X X
Make Path, Fixed Angle X X
Make Path, 2 Points at Start/End X X
Make Path, Path by Arcs X X
Make Path, Following Polyline X X
Make Path, Continue Path X X
Select Vehicle X X
Vehicle Track Analyzer Settings X X
Draw Tracks X X
Delete last part of Path X X
Edit Path X X
Draw Vehicle, Path X X
Erase Vehicle, Path X X
Animation X X
Draw Vehicle, Dimensions X X
Insert Template X X
Write Values X X
Elevation tools
Slope Surface X
Slope Arrows X
Get Elevation from Quadri X
Get Elevation from Drawing X
Volumes between TIN models - from drawing X
Platform Design
Draw 3D object along an alignment X
Create Pararell 3D-Lines X
Draw 3D object along an alignment X
Set object elevation X
3d model - Cross Section along Line X
Height Interpolation X
Convert Arc to Straight Lines X
Create 3D-Line X
Draw 3D Symbols X
Add additional Layers for Virtual Map X X
Draw Contour Marks of 3D-Line X
Drawing Style Configuration X X
Road Cross Section Style Editor X
Road Long section Style Editor X
Illustration Symbols X X
Vehicle Symbols X X
Draw Tunnel Entrance Symbols X
Parking lot Design X X
Create Rotated View X X
Select Direction of Traffic X X
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