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Novapoint Road

Trimble Novapoint Road Standard is a design software for effectively designing all types of roads and streets in addition to junctions. The software contains functions for designing centerlines and road surfaces, executing mass calculations and mass reports. Novapoint Road Standard is well suited for drawing roads with complete soil cuts and fillings and for exporting setting out data. This design tool is also well equipped for exporting road models for use in 3D-models and conflict controls. For more information about Novapoint Road Standard please visit our website.

Trimble Novapoint Road Professional is a more advanced and professional version of the Novapoint Road Standard. The functions in Road Professional has more options than in Road Standard and the program can do sight analysis and generates the superelevation and widening on the road surfaces based on national standards. Novapoint Road Professional has specific functions for junction designing and also generate mass profiles from the mass calculations. In addition to that there are more advanced functions as f. ex. in the horizontal and vertical alignment dialog. This is a complete program for use in road design and planning. For more information about Novapoint Road Standard please visit our website.

A license for Trimble Novapoint Road Professional also includes a license for road noise calculations.
Click here for more information about Trimble Novapoint Noise.

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