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Version 20.0x

Updates in Novapoint Road


IMPROVED: The road model dialogues are no longer always on top. The road model icon is always shown on the Windows toolbar when a dialog is open.

NEW: Now possible to build a section of a road model. Deselect the All section setting on the Road ribbon.

Road model and Cross section

CHANGED: Now possible to use the Cross Section Viewer to build and look at one cross section before the complete model is built.

IMPROVED: The task content is now updated in the Cross section Viewer when only one cross section is built. Note You need to Close the Cross Section Viewer and reopen if you have changed the Calculation Basis or the Illustration object selection.

CORRECTED: The Visual presentation of road pavament edge was not correct in some instances so the Inner Slope was shown to run through the modell.

CORRECTED: Road Standard Norway (2013) – A1 (5m) fixed double shoulder.

CORRECTED: Superelavation calculation without transition curves are improved.

REMOVED: No longer possible to read a model from file (*.IND) in the old tool. (Road.exe). Now only in the Road ribbon.

IMPROVED: «Calculate» og «To terrain» have now the following names for surface Group 4-6.

  • Group 4 is changed to “To rock/terrain surface”
  • Group 5 is changed to “To rock surface”
  • Group 6 is changed to “To terrain/soil”

NEW: Can now stop both a 4 or 5 type surface at a roack layer.

NEW: Now possible to Select that all calculated cross sections are to be included in the quantity calculation. (Select in Design tab > Settings > Accuracy).

Road Pavement

NEW: Method 2 for slope i Advanced road pavement has been re-introduced.

CORRECTED: Road pavement layers now stop With 8.9-surfaces.

CORRECTED: Improved visualization of the Result road model in Novapoint Base when fill, inner slope and Advanced road pavement are active in the same cross section.


IMPROVED: Terrain and Subsurface layers are cut when they are outside the LP and CS frame.

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