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All roadsurfaces as one surface

In some situations a user would like the road surfaces (roadsurface, shoulder, ditches) to be joined to one big surface because of requirements in 3rd Party solutions.
The road task doesn't hold a surface like this so the user needs to do a triangulation to combine the surfaces to one bigger surface.

This can also be applied for multiple road tasks surfaces that are side-by-side.


  1. Start a Ground Surface task
  2. Pick the road task as input
  3. Specify to only include the road surface features (here you can use the global attribute filter: “Medium = On terrain”
  4. Go to settings in Ground Surface task
    • Go to TIN priority > Turn OFF “Keep TIN structure”
    • Go to TIN breaklines > Turn ON “Use TIN edges from surface geometry as breakline”
    • Close the settings dialog
  5. Use all the same road surfaces used as input to the task also as “Outer boundaries” for the task
  6. Specify a different target feature if it is relevant
  7. Complete the task

Some triangulations can take extended time to complete.
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