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Coordinate transformation

Why does my alignments become jagged when transforming my Quadrimodel between different coordinate systems?

Answer: This is because a geometric line, like an alignment, need to fit 100% if the should look good. A transformation will shift the points of the curves and straights slightly so they are no longer tangent in the points between the different elements.
To solve this you do as follows:

  1. Open the alignment in Alignment Design
  2. Go to the Tools menu and start the Coordinate transformation function
  3. Set the from-to coordinate system to use and transform the alignment
  4. Save the alignment with OK - Draw

How do I transform a calculated alignment between coordinate systems?

Answer: This can be done in the Alignment Design function for Coordinate transformation found in the Tools menu of the Alignment Design.

How can I transform a road model between coordinate systems?

Answer: The road model is not directly connected to a coordinate system, but an alignment. Therefore the road model is automatically transformed when an alignment it transformed between coordinate systems.

Be aware that the chainage could shift dependent of what from-to coordinate system that is used in the transformation. This will also affect chainages in the start/end of alignments as surface edges or other parts of the description giving errors or warnings in the calculation.

How do I import a road model from another project that needs coordinate transformation to the new project?

Answer: This must be done in multiple steps.

  1. Create a project in the new coordinate system
  2. Import the road model files with only the alignments (check import settings)
  3. Transform the alignments between coordinate systems via Alignment Design > Tools > Coordinate transformation.
  4. Add the road model through the “From Existing Model” template
  5. Build the road task with the transformed alignment
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