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Quadri 2022

Release date: 25.10.2021

Click here for information about Known issues and Compatibility Breaks.

Quadri for Windows

International Version


NEW: User interface has a new “look and feel”, with all icons in ribbon menus, explorer, conversion rule editor, presentation rules editor etc. now replaced by new ones. Example of one of the menus:

NEW: Quadri Community help pages. Find it under Help in the backstage, or hover the mouse over functions in ribbon to access

NEW: Support for Trimble Geodetic Library (TGL). TGL is a set of software libraries commonly used across Trimble to transform geodetic coordinates (latitude, longitude, height) into plane coordinates and elevation (north, east, elevation), as well as to perform time-dependent datum transformations as and other geodetic computations

This only applies for US configuration

NEW: Setting which units to use when creating a new single-user model

This only applies for US configuration

NEW: Setting in Options where user can set if model open with presentations or not

NEW: Support for 4K screen resolution

NEW: FeatureCatalog based on the official Object Type Library v1.0 (Flemish Road Administration)

ENHANCEMENT: Support for 4K screen resolutions

ENHANCEMENT: New explorer design. Possibility to user-define which columns are shown by right/clicking the column header.

ENHANCEMENT: Standard Windows browse dialog when creating model and inserting ortophoto

ENHANCEMENT: Tasks are stored in a new way

ENHANCEMENT: Support “paste column” from Excel in Property Set Editor

FIXED: Doesn't remember CRS' hiding in options

FIXED: Add new generic property to generic property list overwrites last property

FIXED: Bug when classification has a “/” in the name

FIXED: Modified task property is not saved (in task execution) in classifications

FIXED: General bug fixes


NEW: Support for GeoTIFF format

NEW: Support for GeoJson format

ENHANCEMENT: IFC: IfcAssembly and file structure

ENHANCEMENT: DGN: New version of Open Design Library vers 22.3

ENHANCEMENT: DGN: Enhanced merging when importing in settings

ENHANCEMENT: DGN: Select which model in the DGN to import (a DGN can have several models). Also select the level of references that you want to bring in, as default is no references (because possibility to have circular references in DGN)

ENHANCEMENT: DWG: Performance to finish the import

ENHANCEMENT: DWG: Add warning in process info if blocks are detected, so user can decide if explode

ENHANCEMENT: Quadri G4: No-feature model

ENHANCEMENT: SOSI: Better process info message when importing multiple SOSI files with different version or CRS (Norwegian)

FIXED: Crash when importing file that already has same local identifier. Now user instead get an error message, informing about which tasks this affects

FIXED: DWG: When the block is exploded, the block's attributes are not read

FIXED: DWG: Store as point cloud not working from BLOCK

FIXED: DWG: Store as point cloud not working

FIXED: CSV: Crash when clicking the Settings button

FIXED: LandXML: Activate switch X/Y when importing

FIXED: General bug fixes, DGN, DWG, IFC, LandXML

Conversion Rule Editor

NEW: The possibility to include or exclude import/export of attributes with specific values, set by the user. In example below “0” is excluded, as these might be irrelevant to import/export

NEW: Batch import of attributes to generic attributes

NEW: Sorting columns require user to first save

NEW: Possibility to select “domain-task” as source for output

ENHANCEMENT: Support RegExp for sub-attributes

ENHANCEMENT: Allow for userdefined ID instead of 0, 1, 2 etc in classification

FIXED: Automatic Fix expression flags. Sometimes when using RegExp, they were not recognized, and user had to edit the conversion rule again and mark them as RegExp.

FIXED: Check for duplicates

FIXED: Inactive cell in AttributeView

FIXED: In mapping in Conversion Rule Editor, changing between capital and small letters, it “reset” this, and changing back.

Conversion Rules

NEW: Conversion rule for export all attributes for IFC - “Export to IFC model with all attributes”

NEW: Added conversion rule for SOSI 8.1 (Norway only)

ENHANCEMENT: “Road 2 IFC” conversion rule. Added some more rules from the roadresults that were missing, like LowestConstructionWorkSurface, SubgradeSurface and ConstructionPitSurface/Edge


ENHANCEMENT: Better performance and bug fixes to TIN calculations

ENHANCEMENT: Volumes: Support input as polygon-surface

FIXED: Volumes: Fail to produce volumes

FIXED: Volumes: Missing some volume-parts by selecting Outer Boundaries

Novapoint menu

ENHANCEMENT: Elevation from surface: Set priority between TIN surfaces (lowest, highest, best quality)


NEW: Save Viewpoint. When you have an active plan or 3D presentation task, you can save multiple viewpoints from these. This is useful for remembering the location of the camera in the presentation.

NEW: CutFill Heatmap render handler for better presentations of surfaces

ENHANCEMENT: Preventing Sky/Horizon animation in 3D presentation to go into night time

ENHANCEMENT: Table presentation: Attributes subgroup in Feature-Detailed shown more as Properties

ENHANCEMENT: Table presentation: Support present data from PropertySet in report

ENHANCEMENT: Table presentation: Add faster quantity calculation

ENHANCEMENT: Table presentation: Extended option setting to select quantity type

ENHANCEMENT: Table presentation: Support better performance by using Computed-Quantities in case of Interval

ENHANCEMENT: Table presentation: Support reporting by interval in columns base

FIXED: Sections: When selecting Baseline in both cross and long sections, and the line starts at a higher chainage than 0, it stills inputs 0.

FIXED: Sections: Negative start chainage

FIXED: General bug fixes


NEW: Publish FBX - a format used to exchange 3D geometry and animation data. Used by external software for high-end visualization.

NEW: Publish DWG: Using attributes to create the CAD layers. In example below, the added attribute is Feature Name, meaning that the CAD layer for the selected point will be “TerrainPoint 21”. User can create CAD layers based on all feature types and attributes.

NEW: Publish DWG: Setting for excluding features that do not belong to any classification tasks

NEW: IFC: Apply multiple classification delimiters

NEW: IFC: Option to use map conversion in IFC 4, where you can move all objects nearest zero coordinate and transform

ENHANCEMENT: Publish DWG: Annotative symbols

ENHANCEMENT: Publish DWG: Annotative text

ENHANCEMENT: Publish KML: Support for exporting text

FIXED: LandXML: Leica Roadrunner: Chainages in the file is wrong

FIXED: IFC: Default information fields when exporting

FIXED: IFC: Field code settings not saved in dialogue

FIXED: Publish 3DPDF: Active view

FIXED: Publish 3DPDF: Wrong file format produced

FIXED: Publish DWG: When a presentation rule is saved to plan presentation task, then the layer mapping is not selected

FIXED: Publish DWG: Active view

FIXED: Publish DWG: Filter list of layermapping to only show available data

FIXED: Publish DWG: Message if DWG is open in CAD, and user tries to overwrite

FIXED: Publish DGN: Rendering error

FIXED: Publish TrimBIM/QfB: See-through textures like fences now gives the correct look

FIXED: Publish TrimBIM/QfB: When using field codes, the colors the exported object have in CAD seems random

FIXED: Publish TrimBIM/QfB: WMS gives black/white tiles

FIXED: Publish TrimBIM/QfB: Issues related to the export

FIXED: Publish TrimBIM/QfB: Problems with ortophotos where they were not always exported

FIXED: Publish TrimBIM/QfB: When exporting 3D presentation with WMS, the tiles are not aligned

FIXED: General bug fixes, DGN, DWG, IFC, LandXML

Quadri Connectors

NEW: Quadri Connector for Quest

  • Send pay item and quantity information to the Trimble tool, Quest for cost estimating, and review in a table presentation inside Quadri for Windows. Learn more about this connector.

ENHANCEMENT: Quadri Connector for Civil 3D

  • The connector is now working bidirectionally - send data from Civil 3D to Quadri and vice versa. Learn more about this connector.

ENHANCEMENT: Quadri Connector for SketchUp

  • The tasks' engine is totally new, compared to 2020 version. Editing existing SketchUp-task will launch the old tool (hidden in Ribbon, but engine still exist for user to edit, but not for creating new task)
  • Able to save the task as template (in order to re-use result conversion rule)
  • SketchUp web version is back (still be TID3, TID4 without login is coming soon)
  • The .skp is saved together with the task, re-edit the model will get exactly the same as saved last time.
  • 'Modifiable Data' removed (will be replaced with new tool 'Feature Texturing by SketchUp', 2022.Q1)
  • Support creating .skp in US units
  • Adding Toolbar in SketchUp as Ruby extension, which can detect the correct version of SketchUp for Quadri to work with
  • Temporary model and Preview result with full support of conversion rule (editing conversion rule before submit the result to Quadri)
  • Able to send model to Quadri for previewing geometry without need to save/close SketchUp
  • Send to Quadri button in SketchUp, to send the final model to Quadri and close SketchUp

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