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Trimble Quadri 2.0.FP2

Released: December 2016

NB: To run Trimble Quadri 2.0.FP2, you need Novapoint version 20.0x or newer.

Version 2.0.FP2

NEW: This version of Trimble Quadri has the capability to integrate with Trimble Identity. This will allow users to use a single account across all Trimble products that support Trimble Identity.

NEW: In this version of Quadri Model Manager (QMM) it is possible to manage project definitions. See notes under the Quadri Model Manager heading.

NEW: In this version of Quadri Model Manager (QMM) it is posible to grant any registered user the role as QMM-admin. See notes under the Quadri Model Manager heading.

IMPROVED: This version has an improved strategy regarding reuse of processes and termination of processes not in use. I general all processes will automatically terminate by the first incoming request 24 hours after the process start time. This will ensure that inactive processes does not consume memory and other resources that should be available for active processes.

FIXED: This version addresses several stability issues that appears as “An error has occurred in the embedded database server - contact your system administrator. Detailed information is on the server log”

FIXED: In some rare situations log files did not recycle correctly. Resulting very large log files, which ultimately could trigger a critical low disk space situation.

Novapoint Quadri Client

New name of the product is Trimble Quadri. In this version, parts of the documentation still use the name QuadriDCM.

Sign In

NEW: Message regarding low disk space on server side. A message, regarding disk space on the server side may appear when signing in. The message distinguishes between the disk for temporary files and the data disk where the share models are stored.

If free disk space is;

less than 1GB then it will not be possible to Sign in until a system administrator frees up disk space.

less than 5GB then a warning message will appear and a System administrator should free up disk space or extend the size of the data disk as soon as possible. Failing to do so will often lead to instability, noticeable low performance and at worst; the system will be unable to handle incoming client requests.

Typical issues found in log files when this occurs are; Streaming of object failed, SystemException thrown in QuadriAsyncOperation or errors in the embedded database server (ORA-21561: OID generation, ORA-03113: end-of-file on communication channel, ORA-01691: unable to extend lob segment, ORA-00257: archiver error. Connect internal only, until freed)

FIXED: Credentials was not always handled correctly while working with several servers with different username and / or password.

Join a Project

FIXED: This version address an issue where coordinate operations for Finland did create completely wrong coordinates when going from a system with North-East axis to a system with East-North axis.


IMPROVED: To protect the shared model against erroneous task-data all tasks are now validated with regard to find tasks that somehow are missing property that tells whether it is a Road-task, WS-task etc. This validation is added because the property is mandatory and clients will stop working during Join a Project or Receive if the Share model contains such erroneous tasks.

FIXED: This version address an issue related to sharing features with spatial attributes that contains GRID-surfaces. In some rare situations, the system did not fetch all GRID-surface information from the local cache files before it was sent to the shared model. Other clients that use that same-shared model would in such situations crash because of erroneous data.

Receive/Reserve/Join a Project

FIXED: Two issues related to erroneous tasks and spatial GRID-surface are fixed in Share. Those two defects introduced data that was harmful issues for Receive/Reserve/Join a Project. Typical error messages in such situations was:

  • One or more unknown tasks found in task tree. Save operation aborted
  • Error reading data on the object from bfildi

Quadri Model Manager

NEW: This version allows users with the role Proejct Admin to Sign in and perform project management in QMM.

Users with the role Project Admin do have access as Project Admin to all projects defined in one model.

QMM – Models- Ad new model

NEW: This version allows to add a new model without assigning a CRS to the model. A CRS may be assigned to the model later.

NEW: Added support for several new coordinate operations between different projections used in European countries. Mostly added by utilizing software components from

IMPROVED: The list that groups CRS is extended so that there is a group for each European country.

IMPROVED: USA, Montana was missing in the list that groups CRS.

IMPROVED: This version does not require that the QMM-admin password must be presented as part of the process to add a new model.

QMM – Modify – Model Information

FIXED: Process log file is now possible to download. Previous version always stated “Log file not available”

QMM – Activity – Projects

NEW: This version offers the possibility to add and modify projects. This will allow to manage Trimble Quadri Projects without installing a windows desktop application e.g Novapoint.

QMM – Activity – Task Timline

FIXED: “Invalid character in the given encoding. Line [xxx] position [xxx]” when trying to look at timeline for for a task

QMM – Activity – Timline

FIXED: “Invalid character in the given encoding. Line [xxx] position [xxx]” when trying to look at the Time line for the model.

QMM – Users

NEW: In installations that are configured with embedded Quadri User Accounts it is possible to grant the role QMM-admin to any registered user.

Users with this role do have access to all the functionality that QMM offers for all models.

QMM – Server

NEW: Added a new Maintenance functions to refresh spatial indexes. To be used in situations where one spatial index has an error. Issue that requires the use of this function is ORA-13236: internal error in R-tree processing.

IMPROVED: Delete Log Files. Previous versions did not allow to delete log files newer than 30 days. This version allows to delete log files older than 14 days.

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