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QuadriDCM 1.3.FP2

Released: December 2015

NB: To run QuadriDCM 1.3.FP2, you need Novapoint version 19.3x or newer.

Version 1.3.FP2

In order to use the QuadriDCM 1.3.FP2, you must have Novapoint 19.30 or 19.35 as a client application.

You may upgrade the client and server-side independently of each other. However, both client and server-side contains significant stability improvements so an upgrade of both client and server-side are strongly recommended.

Novapoint QuadriDCM Client


As mentioned in the release notes for NovapointDCM Base 19.3x.FP2 Vianova Systems has previously received reports regarding issues related to the dependencies between tasks and features, for example creation of non-result features. In version 19.3x.FP2, the user interface in NovapointDCM Base client is improved to avoid these situations.

The improvements in NovapointDCM 19.3x.FP2 are not retroactive to your workset. After upgrade of client and server-side we strongly recommend you to at first opportunity, to share and release your active worksets and use Join a Project to get a fresh clean workset.
With QuadriDCM 1.3.FP2 a project team may use a mix of new and old NovapointDCM Clients (19.3x, 19.3x.FP1 and 19.3.x.FP2). However, beware that if one or more member of the project team continue to use an old version of NovapointDCM client there is a risk that task-feature dependency issues might be reintroduced.

IMPROVED: This version has improved Proxy Settings to support USE_SYSTEM_PROXY setting, which is also the new default value. If you in previous versions have specified proxy setting you may most likely be able to leave this setting to the default value. If you still need to specify manual proxy settings, you will have to add those values in the properties view for each of your worksets.

FIXED: When using secure communication with SSL / https the client now requires that the server side offer a valid certificate.

FIXED: With this version, you may change your password by yourself. This was supported in versions prior to version 19.30 / 1.3. However only partly supported again from 19.30/1.3 until this version. To be able to connect and change the password you must update the properties for your workset. Specify name of the QuadriDCM management application in Application Path – QMM. The default value is qmmweb, and unless your system administrator has provided you with another value, you may use the default value.

Join a Project

IMPROVED: Automatic presentation of new worksets are from this version removed. This is to avoid time-consuming rendering and even some situation with halted Novapoint application due to trouble with graphic drivers.

IMPROVED: The embedded library from The Norwegian Mapping Authority’s (Kartverket) to convert from NN54 to/from NN2000 is updated to the newest available version (2015B). This new updated version covers:

  1. Østfold, all
  2. Akershus all
  3. Oslo, all
  4. Hedmark, all
  5. Oppland, all
  6. Buskerud, all
  7. Vestfold, all
  8. Telemark: Skien, Porsgrunn, Bamble, Kragerø, Drangedal and Siljan
  9. Aust-Agder: Iveland, Birkenes and Lillesand
  10. Vest-Agder, all
  11. Rogaland, all
  12. Hordaland, all (However, only preliminary for Bergen)
  13. Sogn og Fjordane, all
  14. Møre og Romsdal: Sande, Vanylven, Volda, Ørsta, Stranda, Norddal, Stordal, Sykkylven, Ulstein, Hareid, Sula, Ålesund, Skodje, Ørskog, Vestnes, Sandøy
  15. Sør-Trøndelag, all
  16. Nord-Trøndelag, all

FIXED: Coordinate operations for GRID Surfaces did rotate the GRID 90 degrees anti-clockwise. This is now corrected.

Receive NEW: With this version, you may use a new variant of Receive named Receive Directly. This receive starts receiving changes from the shared model immediately without any user interface. When all changes are received, you may read information about received tasks and features in the Process Info View. This new variant of receive is intended for situations when you know that there are changes and you know that you want to receive all changes.

FIXED: This version address an issue related to receiving tasks moved to another place in the process tree structure. During Receive, Novapoint crashed with a message like Novapoint has stopped working. This solved issue and See

Reserve / Release

IMPROVED / FIXED: With this version, the reservation strategy is slightly more conservative when doing reservation of features. It does not anymore assume that all features in a feature composition (e.g Manhole is a composition of Adjusting Unit, Shaft Unit and Base unit) specified by the tasks that you use to initiate reservations. To ensure that all parts of a composition is handled as one unit the reservation process now walks through the composition and reserve / release the individual features independent of the tasks. This will address several odd issues related to reservation and release of feature that correctly or incorrectly are not part of any tasks.

IMPROVED In situations where the system detect that a Receive is necessary before a reservation can be done then the system now use the new Receive Directly.


IMPROVED This version includes a more graceful handling of error situations, including better and less scary and technical messages to the end user. E.g. does not present issue with duplicate tasks as an issue related to database indexes but simply present a message text stating that there already exist a task with the same id as this new one.

QuadriDCM Model Manager

QMM – Modify Model – Feature Catalogue

IMPROVED / FIXED Several improvements to ensure that upgrade of Feature Catalogue version can be done for multiple models.

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