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Novapoint 20.0x.FP5

If you use Trimble Quadri, this version can only be used with Trimble Quadri 2.0 or newer.

If you use named login (Vianova ID) with Novapoint 20.05, then make sure you have Novapoint 20.05.fp5a

Models created with earlier versions of Novapoint, will be converted on opening in NP20.00 and can ONLY be used in NP20.00, and it will not be possible to open it with earlier versions of Novapoint after conversion.

Using Novapoint 20.05 with floating license (FLEXlm license manager) will require license manager 11.14 of FLEXlm. Make sure the license manager support this before you try to use Novapoint 20.05. If your network uses the IPv6 protocol (as used in Microsoft Direct Access), you should set the FNP_IP_PRIORITY=6 environment variable on the client computer to give priority to IPv6, which can improve performance and avoid unwanted IPv4 address resolution.

Novapoint 20.00 and Novapoint 20.05 will both require license version 20.00.

Login using named user (Vianova ID) will work for both Novapoint 20.00 and Novapoint 20.05.

There are some issues using the USB hardware lock (FLEXid). Please contact us if you want to use Novapoint 20.05 with the USB lock.


Updates in Novapoint Base


IMPROVED: This update contains general bug fixes and improvements.

IMPROVED: The drawing rule Default (available for all projections) is updated.

  • Added texture to SubSurfaceSurface
  • Added drawing rules for road marking
  • Added drawing rules for ground investigations (Geosuite projects)
  • Added drawing rules for noise
  • Added possibility to view contours on the most common road surface features. (These contours are by default disabled, but can be enabled from presentation setup)


NEW: Shift + Drag & Drop will remove task(s) from active window Press Shift and then drag & drop task(s)/process folder into active window and the result features of the task(s) will be removed from the window. Will only work for tasks/Process folders, not feature instances.

NEW: Context menu > Check for Outdated tasks It is possible to check if the tasks is outdated (there is a change in predecessor(s)) A message in Process info will appear and if the tasks is outdated, the message will show which predecessor(s) have changed and when.


NEW: Drawing rule editor

A first version of new drawing rule/presentation rule editor is released that makes it easier to edit drawing rules. There are known issues in this version. They are listed at the end of the user guide.

User guide here


NEW: Geometry There is a new tool in Modelling:

This tool is useful to create features with simple (point, line, surface/polygon) geometries. It is for example useful to create boundaries (featuretype DataDelimitation) or create lines to use and reuse as baselines for section presentations, or create simple features like fences, trees, hedges, poles etc.


CHANGE: Reimport In previous versions, when importing a file that was already imported in another task, user got the possibility to “Add” and import the file independent of the previous imported file. New task with new features was created. We found a severe bug in this process causing non-result features to be created, thus this option is removed in this version. User has either to reimport the file in the original import task, or rename/copy the file to make a new import task.

Option > Windows

NEW: Added possibility to disable/enable asynchronous rendering. It is by default enabled. In some situations when users repeatedly experiences “Novapoint stopped working” crashes, it can be helpful to use this option to disable asynchronic rendering. When asynchronic rendering is disabled, the application freezes (blocking) while the rendering is performed.


Updates in Novapoint Road

Alignment Design

CORRECTED: Alignment fra lines in CAD established with FILLET-function was read wrongly.

CORRECTED: Last vertex could have millimeter error when using Advanced 3D polyline offset.

Draw Longitudinal profile

IMPROVED: Illustration objects now is drawn with PLOT active as opposed to set to non-plot previously.

Vehicle Track Analysis

CORRECTED: Drawing template gave a abrupt transition when there was a big overhang on the trailer. Did not affect practical use and drawing along line.

Slope Surface

CORRECTED/IMPROVED: Task connection was not always kept if changes was done in the task while it was active in CAD.


Updates in Novapoint Bridge

NEW: It is now possible to draw the structure in 3D as a solid object.

You start this new functionality from the menu choise 3D solid Model

NOTE: This functionality is not complete. It is not possible to draw the structure with skew ends e.g..


Updates in Novapoint Tunnel

NEW: It is now possible to draw the tunnel perimeter, crossing tunnels and base as solid objects with the Draw 3D function.


Version 20.0x.FP5

Updates in Novapoint WS|Cable


FIXED: Wrong default dimension when changing from Bend to Manhole. Diameter was not set to the minimum dimension in the configuration.


Updates in Novapoint Road Sign

Belgian versions

  • FIXED: M2.1 - The sign was missing from the library (#HAN-359)

Norwegian version

  • NEW: 3DSIGN - Added support for “multiple masts” (#HAN-161)
  • IMPROVED: Font - Added support for Ü, ü, Ö and ö (#HAN-128, #HAN-221)
  • IMPROVED: 75x - Added support for a new road number (#HAN-215)
  • IMPROVED: TSTABLE - Added support for more information (#HAN-194, #HAN-195, #HAN-266)
  • FIXED: TSINFO - The content was sometimes displayed as “MTEXT” (#HAN-264)
  • FIXED: 727.3 - The dialogue was messing up symbols on scroll (#HAN-98)

Swedish version

  • NEW: 3DSIGN - Added support for “multiple masts” (#HAN-161)
  • NEW: POLE - Added support for 4 new pole symbols (#HAN-288)
  • NEW: X6 - Added support for a sign with user defined text (#HAN-290)
  • IMPROVED: TH - Added more legal values to av few signs (#HAN-274)
  • IMPROVED: General - Default value for reflex updated for all signs (#HAN-287)
  • IMPROVED: T-signs - Added support for minimum width of border (#HAN-301)
  • FIXED: F5 - Mini symbol was changing color when left arrow (#HAN-196)
  • FIXED: F6 - There was no space between objects if colorfield is added after road number (#HAN-197)
  • FIXED: F34 - The bicycle symbol was not following the direction of arrow (#HAN-198)
  • FIXED: TSINFO - The content was sometimes displayed as “MTEXT” (#HAN-264)

Updates in Novapoint Road Marking

Finnish version

  • FIXED: TABLE - The “Bump” was missing from the quantity table (#HAN-268)

Swedish version

  • FIXED: Settings - Not all values was used by the program (#HAN-191)
Version 20.0x.FP5

New in specific fore Novapoint GeoSuite

To be continued…


Update Quadri Easy Access

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