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Novapoint 19.00.e

Updates in Novapoint Base


  • Deleting the base line feature in Cross section presentation view caused crash
  • Improved performance and stability of Extrude & Sweep
  • Improved triangulation of large datasets
  • Phase added to model
  • Support conversion of surface to multisurface


  • Improved handling of CRS
  • Improved import of Delimited Text
  • Improved stability in user interface for import of delimited text
  • Improved import of LandXML
  • Improved import of SOSI
  • Improved import of TMG


  • Boundaries from Road Model calculation were missing
  • Close Road model when Road Bed intesects the terrain
  • Removed self crossing surface boundaries (improved model)


  • The 3D -drawing functionality in NP Bridge generated some extra 3DFace elements with no width (just lines) These elements caused validation errors when importing the 3D-model into NP 19.00. The 3D-drawing functionality doesn’t generate these extra 3DFaces anymore.
  • The system crashed when the user tried to use a Bridge task connected to a road task without road geometry. This is now corrected. The user gets an informal error message and the system doesn’t crash anymore.
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