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Vertical Information along Alignment

Run the function from the following locations:

MOUS_ICO Menu: Railway > Alignment Analysis > Vertical Information along Alignment Vertical Information along Alignment
MOUS_ICO Toolbar: Alignment Analysis: Vertical Information along Alignment Vertical Information along Alignment
MOUS_ICO Ribbon: Railway > Project: vnnp_railway_vertical_info_32x32.bmp Vertical Information along Alignment

The function analyzes the selected line at desired station and lists the following details.

  • Elevation
  • Radius
  • Gradient
  • Co-ordinates
  • Element Number

The function works only for the objects stored in the database.

Annotations for 'Station Number' and 'Elevation' are inserted at the selected station. The annotation can be configured.

Details can be saved to a text file. All the details will be in a single row. User can save as many station details as desired in the same text file.

The function can be activated from the function 'Object menu (NCO)'. Run the function 'Object menu (NCO)' and select the line along which vertical information is desired. Select the option 'Vertical Information along Alignment' from the pop up menu.

Command prompts for:

Pick Quadri alignment object:

Select the alignment for which the above said details are required.

The dialog box 'Alignment Info -' will pop up which lists all the above-mentioned details considering the station where the alignment is picked. To select another station click the key available at the field 'Station'. A cross wire appears on the alignment which follows the mouse movements. Select the station.

If the details are to be written to a text file mark the check box 'Save mark data to file'. The location of the file can be specified with the key . The file can be opened with the key.

Mark Setup

The label inserted to indicate the 'Station' and 'Elevation' can be configured using the key 'Mark Setup'. The dialog box 'Text Setup' follows with the key 'Mark Setup'.

The orientation of the label is to be specified at the field 'Text angle (grad)'. The unit of measurement is grads. The default value is 0.0grads.

The distance of the text from leader line is to be defined at the field 'Text distance from arrow (m)'. The unit of measurement is metre. The default value is 0.5m.


The function inserts the label at the selected station. The label is a leader line with the details 'Station' and 'Elevation'.

Tip: Use this function to analyze the elevations of alignments, which might be required while working with 'Switch Design', alignment of other tracks, etc.

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