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Intersection between two Alignments

Run the function from the following locations:

MOUS_ICO Menu: Railway > Alignment Analysis > Intersection between two Alignments Intersection between two Alignments
MOUS_ICO Toolbar: Alignment Analysis: Intersection between two Alignments Intersection between two Alignments
MOUS_ICO Ribbon: Railway > Project: Intersection between two Alignments Intersection between two Alignments

The function analyzes two elements (which can be database objects or AutoCAD's 2D or 3D lines, polylines, and arc elements) for intersection details and lists the following details:

  • Station (chainage)
  • Co-ordinates of the intersecting point
  • Bearing (grad)
  • Difference in bearing (grad)
  • Gradient (%)
  • Difference in gradient (%)
  • Horizontal offset
  • Element ID
  • Element Type, etc.

The function also lists the elevation difference between the alignments at the intersecting point. More over the function facilitates to offset the horizontal alignment.

The dialog box 'Intersection between lines' will pop up. The upper part of the dialog box has fields 'Master line', 'Second line', buttons , and 'Reset'. Use the button to initiate the alignments from the database and the button to initiate the AutoCAD elements.

  • Press or to specify the two actual road lines. When pressing a dialog box 'Quadri line identities' pop up where all objects available in the database are listed and user can choose the desired alignment. When pressing , user is allowed to pick the elements from the AutoCAD drawing by clicking on the elements.
  • The identity of the selected elements is displayed at the fields 'Master/Second Line'.
  • The From Station and To Station values are displayed at the fields 'Stations'.
  • Users can specify a horizontal offset for each line by pressing 'Offset'.
  • The program automatically calculates the intersection data as soon as both lines are defined. A message appears on the command line if the lines don't intersect.
  • The results are listed in the incorporated spreadsheet in the dialog box 'Intersection between lines' and should be self explaining.
  • The result summary can be copied to the clipboard and from there to other program such as AutoCAD, Notepad, Excel or Word by pressing 'Copy to Clipboard'.


The 'Options' button opens the dialog box where users can specify the relation between the coordinate system in the terrain database and the current UCS in AutoCAD.


Users can annotate (intersecting angle and stationing of the two lines at the intersection point) using the option 'Draw'. Users must have to drawn the actual lines before starting this function. User is prompted to specify the location for the stationing annotation and location for the angle annotation. Both these locations are specified by clicking on the drawing near the intersecting point. The intersection annotation draw on the AutoCAD is shown below:


Press the 'Reset' button to clear the dialog box and initiate other lines.

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