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Distance between two Alignments

Run the function form the following locations:

MOUS_ICO Menu: Railway > Alignment Analysis > Distance between two Alignments Distance between two Alignments
MOUS_ICO Toolbar: Alignment Analysis: Distance between two Alignments Distance between two Alignments
MOUS_ICO Ribbon: Railway > Project: Distance between two Alignments Distance between two Alignments

The function analyzes two elements (which can be database objects or AutoCAD's 2D or 3D lines, polylines, and arc elements) and lists the following details.

  • Horizontal distance
  • Vertical distance
  • Co-ordinates
  • Bearing
  • Difference in bearing
  • Difference in gradient
  • Element type

These details are analyzed and listed at user specified interval and at desired stations.

Tip: Use this function to analyze the minimum distance between two tracks.

The dialog box 'Distance between two Alignments' will pop up. The upper part of the dialog box has fields 'Master line', 'Second line', buttons ( and ) and fields 'Stations'. Use the button to select the alignment from the database and the button to select the AutoCAD elements.

  • Press or to select the two entities which are to be analyzed. The dialog box 'Quadri line identities' will pop up with the button , which lists all lines available in the database and user can choose the desired line. When pressing user is allowed to pick the elements from the AutoCAD drawing by clicking on the elements.
  • The identity of the selected elements is displayed at the fields 'Master/Second Line' and the From Station and To Station values are displayed at the fields 'Stations'.
  • The sections (From station and To station) to be included in the calculations and the station interval of the calculations can be specified for both the master line and the second line on the 'Input ML' and 'Input SL' tabs respectively. Also, extra station numbers to be calculated can be specified.
  • Requirements: Select the desired requirement and the program will highlight (with red colour) the result data, which is falling short of the specified requirement. For example, the minimum horizontal distance between two adjacent tracks can be verified with this tool.
  • Press the button 'Calculate' to perform the calculations (this can be availed only when both the Master line and Second line are defined).
  • Results are listed on the spreadsheets found under the tabs Type, Coord, Delta and Bearing. The results should be self-explaining. The differences between the lines are listed on the Delta page while different data for each line is shown on the other pages.
  • The result summary can be copied to the clipboard (and from there to other program such as AutoCAD, Notepad, Excel or Word) by pressing 'Copy to Clipboard'.

The button 'Options' opens the dialog box 'Select co-ordinate system' where users can specify the relation between the co-ordinate system in the database and the current UCS in AutoCAD.

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