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Quadri System Requirements

Before you install Trimble Quadri make sure you meets the minimum requirements. See the following table for hardware requirements. Please contact us for more information

Hardware Requirement Comments
Processor Intel Xeon E5 / E7 Recommended
RAM 32 GB Minimum. Installing more memory is today a cost effective performance boost for Quadri installations who are supposed to handle several concurrent heavy transactions. However, be aware that the Standard edition of Windows Server only utilizes 32 GB of memory.
Video 1024 x 768 VGA Minimum
Hard Disk(s) Installation 5 GB
Data Storage 200 GB Disk I/O is critical for the day-to-day work. Disk size, rule of thumb: A model covering 10 square km (3.33 km * 3.33 km) needs approximately 10GB data storage capacity.
Backup Storage 200 GB A disk on another network device may be used. Disk I/O is not critical for the day-to-day work. Disk size, rule of thumb: A full week’s backup for human error recovery support of 10GB production data needs approximately 15 GB backup storage capacity.

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