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How to start using Landscape


Load Landscape in Autocad

To use Novapoint Landscape you must have the menu 'Landscape' visible in AutoCAD.

If you don't see the Landscape menu:

  • Always use the Novapoint startup icon to starte AutoCAD with Novapoint, it should be found on your desktop, or you can use the Start menu in Windows.

If you still don't see the Landscape Menu, look for the menu 'Novapoint' and choose 'Module Loader' and load the module.

Working with areas

'Land use disposal' is a method for working with all kinds of areas in landscape drawings. Areas are defined by inserting a 'Land Use Text' (area object) into your drawing in places that is confined by lines from the line library. The area hatches are then drawn by connecting the text with the borders, and can be temporarily removed by disconnecting them again. The types of land use text are matched to certain linetypes from the line library i.e. area types for paving will build hatces with the Kerbline type, but not with contour lines and linetypes for cables. This process is sometimes refered to as 'Topology' and resembles the way Geographic information system(GIS) and mapping applications works, but Novapoint Landscape is far more tolerant about the structure of the line network that defines the areas. When the areas are drawn the hatches are generated from a set of drawing rules based on the identities and properties of area object and the lines. It is possible to have sevral sets of drawing rules for different plan types, and also to define your own plan type with your preferred drawing rules.

There are sevral benefits of using this aproach to work with areas:

  • It is possible to put all kinds of properties and descriptions on the areas, like plants, superstructure, paving etc.
  • All the properties can be quantified to make an extensive bill of materials
  • The hatches can be disconnected to easily work with the line network

Elevation Tools

The elevation tool is a suite of functions

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