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Version 16.1.3

New in Novapoint Base

Date 2019-04-01

Trimble Novapoint GeoSuite Toolbox 16.1 or newer is the recommended version for Trimble Novapoint 21

Updates for Novapoint GeoSuite Soil Data Interpretation

  • The product name is changed (from Soil Profiles) to Soil Data Interpretation ( Beta version).

Possibility to try new GeoSuite Soil Data Interpretation module - Beta version!

Try it and tell us what you think! GS Soil Data Interpretation, our new module to interpret profiles for different types of soil parameters using data from field and lab is now released as a beta version. In the beta version preconsolidation stress and modules can be interpreted graphically from oedometer tests, CPT:s can interpreted according to several methods and data from other laboratory tests can be read into the module. All data can be plotted together for one or more boreholes which makes it possible to graphically create a profile for each soil parameter. Statistical methods can be used as help accomplishing this. Soil layer boundaries can also be interpreted. GS Soil Data Interpretation communicates directly with GS Presentation. C profiles can be created in GS Soil Data Interpretation and used directly in GS Stability. In the future all our analysis software will be able to use profiles from GS Soil Data Interpretation as data for different soil parameters.

Try GS Soil Data Interpretation and tell us what you think!

An introduction of GS Soil Data Interpretation is in this video UsexgQw3Uhk

Updates for Novapoint GeoSuite Toolbox/Archive

  • Duplicate GUID analysis in Restore Project, more informative messages and log-file. Distances calculated to identfy duplicated boreholes. (Distance close to 0.0 m → Identical borehole?) Re. Set New GUID-values in GeoSuite Presentation.
  • Bug fix: Start dbs-file from Windows Explorer always select the Swedish version

Updates for Novapoint GeoSuite Presentation

  • No more support for AutoCAD 2013/2014
  • From Borehole list, a new option to Set new GUID-values. Ref Duplicate GUID analysis in Restore. (Possibility to reset borehole GUID´s. Use with care!)
  • Bug fix: Sub surfaces not shown correct in Civil3D
  • Set Detailed Layer description in WinRit as Interpretation in Novapoint. (Default value set to long text - e.g Le → 'Lera')
  • Bug fix: Import Wizard and Borehole neglects Code column (codes as BG, etc.)
  • Copy geometry points between projects (interpreted points)
  • Export PXY/KOF file from Groundwater measurements Min/Max/Average for use in “Terrain-model” for groundwater
  • Export PXY/KOF file GW-vaules for a specific date
  • Alignment with only 2 vertex fails to be drawn if the user gives a bounding box that covers the alignment (if the alignment 100% inside the bounding box)
  • Cross/Longsection from Novapoint sets scale=1:100 (now using the default scale)
  • Reading illustration objects from Road model: The solution so far has been to read from Terrain model and Height Task to include illustration objects on profile drawings. If illustration objects is defined in the Road model, these will now be included when reading Cross section from Novapoint. Example from Novapoint and GeoSuite/AutoCAD respectively: In Novapoint In GeoSuite/AutoCAD
  • Calibrate sounding-picture does not consider Project Wise
  • Environmental, wizard options and minor drawing changes
  • Performance-enhancement for save interpretations in Winrit for large projects
  • Bug fix: LimeCement pattern “Skivor” dosen't create duplicate columns when left or right is set to alignment.
  • Bug fix: LimeCement calculates wrong distances for right and left alignments as boundary.
  • Bug fix: LimeCement ID names for not removed when grid is removed from model/drawing
  • Bug fix: LimeCement Duplicate grid names mixed up…
  • Civil3D: Terrain for cross-sections is not imported if Start Station is 0 (numerical issue)
  • Civil3D: Warning on import of alignment if station equations exists (station equations not supported)
  • Civil3D/AutoCAD: Possibility to give filename for XY-profile (Svalxx.bin)
  • Civil3D/AutoCAD: check borehole Z against terrain model. Results are saved in a log file. (Novapoint/Civil terrain)

Norwegian version

  • Bug fix: Program crash on method code 2401 on KOF import to GS Presentation
  • Bug fix: Norwegian method PZ does not set value for boring length (Resulted in invalid info of “updated data” in Update Plan View)
  • Soil test files *.prv in Norway has to be adjusted for output of high values for wp, wl, …

Swedish version

  • Remove creation of some types not supported in the new data model (Slangsättning, Flödesmätning)
  • Bug fix: Metod VIM and new SGF format sets all weight to 5 kg.
  • Adjust reading of DPT from Geotech - now possible to read values from several depths
  • Mix of new and old SGF-formats in one merged file *.std. (Merge now prevented)
  • Possibility digitize new object for settlement measure types MP/DB

Updates for Novapoint GeoSuite Stability

  • Groundwater is not shown as a dashed line after creation

Updates for Novapoint GeoSuite Settlement

  • A bug has been discovered in the analysis kernel for the cv based permeability model. Under some circumstances a large initial settlement is calculated. The bug is being corrected but until solved always check the result so there is reasonable initial settlement. It's recommended to add a calculation point using a different permeability model and compare the results or switching to another permeability model if in doubt
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