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v27.06.2016(Together with Novapoint 20.0x)

* Maps! Publish Plan Presentations from Novapoint Base to Easy Access.

You can now publish Plan View created in Novapoint Base, to Easy Access. The Plan View must have been shared With Quadri cloud first, using the SHARE button. Then go to this button:

Click on Maps and you will be asked to logg in With Your VianovaID. Then Select the number of zoom Levels for the tiles that will be generated to present the Plan View in Easy Access

See also video:

  • Publish a Plan Presentation: w620F6My0Rc

* You can now also add KML file to the map view in Easy Access.

Go to the menu Map's on the Dashboard. Select the Add KML file.

  • See also video:
  • NEW: Add KML files: gIPDSoz4Zv0

* You can use a map view ditributed to Easy Access, to drape on top of a Terrain surface, in the same way as you use Ortophoto or WMS

First step is to add it as external DataSource:

Then Select this map as input under WMS, Ortophoto,EDS when you make a 3D presentation:

  • NEW: Show your map on Project Overview: v9y8HH0LUxc
  • NEW: View your current position: 77OKu4as4Kg

* Search and Sorting tip:

Be avare that the topics could be sorted based on other parameters than “latest date”. Click on the double Arrow on upper left corner.

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