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Easy Access (

v07.04.2016 (Together with Novapoint 19.3xFP3)

  • Maps! Publish Plan Presentations from Novapoint Base to Easy Access
    • Publish a Plan Presentation: w620F6My0Rc
    • Add KML files: gIPDSoz4Zv0
    • Show your map on Project Overview: v9y8HH0LUxc
    • View your current position: 77OKu4as4Kg
  • 3D Presentations
    • Measure Tool: measure the distance between two positions in your model 1YNeKfFapfQ
    • Improved speed
    • Improved texture and lighting support
    • Borehole support
    • Fixed issues with updating the same presentation
  • Topics
    • Better relative date support
    • Remembering the Order by choice and Filter keywords when navigating from list to detail view (in Novapoint)
    • Fixed quality issue when redlining a snapshot
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