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Import Topics

If you have other applications (such as BCFManager, Solibri, Revit,…) that can export to BCFZIP files, you can import these as Topics on a project in Easy Access.

It's important to note that we keep track of which Topics were already imported. This means that you can reimport the same Topics again (with updated values, comments, etc). This will update the Topics with the new values without creating duplicates!
All BCF properties will be imported including Lines, Clipping Planes, Components, Files and DocumentReferences. These are not visible on our system but will be preserved when exported again to a BCF file.

Here is how you can import your BCFZIP file:

  1. Navigating to the Topics page of the project you wish to import to.
  2. On the Topics page, you will see the Import/Export button above the Topics list:
  3. This will open a dialog with three tabs: All, Import and Export. By default the All tab is shown, listing all the Topics Import/Export jobs for this project:
  4. Click on the Import tab to start a new Import:
  5. You can drag and drop a BCFZIP file or click on the Choose a file link
  6. You can add new values to the Topic Project Settings coming from the imported Topics by choosing this option. If you don't do this, values that are not found will be set empty.
  7. You can also specify default values in case of empty values. For example mark all imported Topics with a specific Label.
  8. You need to choose an author for the imported Topics. This can be anyone with access to the project.
  9. When you're done specifying options, click on Start Import.
  10. You can follow along the progress of the Import job underneath on the Import tab or on the All tab:
  11. When it finished successfully, a green check mark will be displayed together with how many Topics that were imported:
  12. Your imported Topics will appear in the Topics list
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