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Novapoint IDS

Novapoint IDS is an abbreviation of the full name “Novapoint Infrastructure Design Suite”.

A Novapoint IDS license gives access to the following products:

Note: All products are not necessarily included in all markets, check with your local dealer.


Before launching the product, the following conditions must be in place:

Contract: A valid “Contract” must exist. A “Contract” is a digital unit with information about customer, duration and the number of user slots available. The “Contract” is defined and managed by the provider and requires no interaction from the customer.

Named User: A “Named User” with a valid Trimble ID must exist. The specific “Named User” must be included in the list of users with access - see the section about “User Administration”.

License Mode: The license mode must be set to “Named User” before launching Novapoint. This is done with the tool “Novapoint Config Switcher” that can be found in Program Menu or in Novapoint's root installation folder.

Novapoint Infrastructure Design Suite cannot run in a mixed licence mode with FlexLM. If you need to run Novapoint products running under FlexLM licencing, you need to end your current Novapoint session, change the licence mode to FlexLM with “Novapoint Config Switcher”, and restart Novapoint.

Launching the product

Launching the product will force a sign in with Trimble ID. When the application has started, use the module loader to turn on/off the specific products included in the suite.

Offline Policy

The product will work offline 7 days from the last successful login. This also implies that you have to be online the first time you use the product.

User Administration

Users with access level “administrator” can add user, remove users and/or give other users “administrator” rights. Users with this access level will find a Bruker administrasjon under Trimble ID.

Please notice, Novapoint-users using Novapoint-version 20 or older must apply Vianova ID. Trimble ID is applicable to users with Novapoint-version 21 or newer.

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