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Novapoint Bridge

BridgeNovapoint Bridge is a tool for designing structures, such as bridges, which follow a specific road alignment. It includes geometric functions for modelling, functions for producing working drawings and functions for generating 3D models. In addition, Novapoint Bridge includes advanced tools to generate drawings and perform calculation of road alignments.

Modeling the geometry

Novapoint Bridge reads road and terrain data from the project database. The geometry of the structure is connected to the road geometry through several connection mechanisms. All the breaking points (vertexes) of the cross-section of the structure are connected to the road profile through specified connection mechanisms. Both linear interpolation and several polynomial formulas can be used to describe the longitudinal geometry between two cross-sections. It is possible to define skew cross sections relative to the road alignment. Predefined cross-sections may be selected from a library. The user can easily add new crosssections to the library. The library is stored as an ASCII-formatted file.

Making construction drawings

Construction drawings such as cross-sections, plan drawings and longitudinal profiles are easily generated using Novapoint Bridge. The module contains functions for editing of lines to be included in the different drawing components, and additionally Novapoint Bridge provides you with tools to easily generate tables with calculated geometric values such as elevations, coordinates, widths, heights and gradients.

Visualizing the structure

Novapoint Bridge offers fast and easy 3D modeling of the structures. Functions for modelling of elements along road lines such as piers, road markings, light posts, railings, signs etc. are included. Together with other modules in Novapoint it is possible to produce a complete 3D presentation of the project. You can achieve a photo realistic visualization of the structure by importing the generated 3D model into for instance 3D Studio.

Two versions of Novapoint Bridge

Novapoint Bridge Standard contains all the functionality necessary for road engineers to model structures connected to a road project and to visualize these structures in 3D. Novapoint Bridge professional is an extended version of Novapoint Bridge Standard and includes additional functions for generating construction drawings and geometric tables.

More information is available at the Novapoint web site


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