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The idea of sweep is to allow the user to generate an object from a line with a base set to the normal of the direction of the line. For instance, the user wants to display a cable in 3D. If a line which represents the cable location have been drawn, the user can then add the radius of the cable, origo location and the cable is displayed as a 3D object.

The usage of the ribbon elements are further described in the following links:

Sweep can also be used with its feature input data to Automatic Geometry Generation. There are several default tempelates which can be selected, which autopopulates these settings. However, if you want to view the settings or make new tempelates you need to push settings button in the tool, and then select the page named “Input auto generate sweep”.

New tempelates are made by completing a sweep task with the requested parameters. Then right click upon the task in the explorer window and choose “Save as tempelate”.

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