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Project Rules

MOUS_ICO HOME tab > Process group > Project Rules

Project Rules is a possibility to add conversion & presentation rules, task templates and layer mapping to a project. These rules and templates are stored in the model and also shared with the model for Trimble Quadri models. All places where users select conversion rules, presentation rules, etc. will also allow project rules to be selected.

In Quadri models, the Project rule is reserved, shared and received like any other task. The rules in a Project Rule task can only be changed when the workset has reserved the task.

User needs to give the Project Rule task a name and placement in Process tree. There are four types of Project Rules that can be added and edited: Conversion Rules, Drawing Rules, Task Templates and Layer Mapping.

The rules added should have unique names and also different names than the rules following installation and the user defined rules.

Conversion Rules

Click on the Conversion Rules button in order to add or remove conversion rules to the Project Rule task. In the import and export tool, the Conversion Rules in Project Rules are listed in the Select Conversion Rules dialog and can be selected by any users in the model.

Drawing Rules

Click on the Drawing Rules button in order to add or remove drawing rules to the Project Rule task. In the presentation tasks, the Drawing Rules in Project Rules are listed as available drawing rules and can be selected. In any active window, the Drawing Rules in Project Rules are listed.

The drawing rules in Project Rules are marked with its own symbol:


To add templates to project rules, in Explorer, go to the task you want to add as a template, right click and choose save as task template. In the save dialog, choose project rule.

In order to remove a Task template from Project Rules, click the Templates button and select the template to remove. The Project Rules Task templates will be listed in the Template list of the relevant tasks.

Layer Mapping

Click on the Layer Mapping button in order to add or remove Layer Mapping to the Project Rule task.

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