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Version 16.1.5

Date 2019-12-09

Updates for Novapoint GeoSuite Toolbox/Archive

Trimble Maps as a new alternative to Google Maps. Default is Trimble Maps but can be changed by Menu-Settings and Settings dialogue.


* Soil Test data as an option for KML-export. Also include Row1-3 from borehole description if not empty

* Bug fix: Project path restricted to 128 chars in New Project dialogue

* More symbols for combination of methods and KML-export

* When project not found, now the program present a repair dialogue

* Identify archived project and move to another archive

Updates for Novapoint GeoSuite Presentation

* Support for AutoCAD 2020

* Bug fix: GeoSuite fails to identify some versions of Civil 3D as AutoCAD

* Bug fix: Cross sections from Novapoint and a lot of sections GeoSuite sometimes complains: No cross-section drawing

* Bug fix: If setting DDE=NO and digitize borehole in AutoCAD, license check stops working

* Scriptfiles to set colors if use of Color By Layer. These can easily be edited.

* Bug fix: Borehole with name 8 characters fails to update legend in AutoCAD.

* ObjectInfo in AutoCAD now presents textCode for Interpretated points

* Bug fix: Changed behaviour for new data model and found duplicate GUIDs

Norwegian version

* Bug fix: Gamma text appears in Soil Test even if no data is given

* Reading from old Geoplot-databases requires NP 18.40. More informative error message

Swedish version

* Bug fix: If Alignment is negative GeoSuite displays profile length incorrectly

* Some changes in English resource files

* Added: Coordinate system UK72, old system for Uppsala

* Max water content increased from 200 to 2000

* Added : A new option to draw “Matningskraft” in soil. (According to SGF it is drawn only in rock) New option= SGF+KRAFT

* Bug fix: Settings for VIM-registration and weight has disappeared.

Updates for Novapoint GeoSuite Stability

* Layer names increased from 15 to 25.

* Bug fix: New material and change color before drawing the line could produce input error

Updates for Novapoint GeoSuite Pilegroup

  • Increased maximum number of segments in Splice (Calculation engine)

Updates for Novapoint GeoSuite Soil Data Interpretation

  • Now requires a valid license
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