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Updates in Novapoint Tunnel

CORRECTED: When defining and editing niche types for railroad models, the system didn't always manage to detect that the model was a railroad model and not a road model. Due to this, the niche type dialog didn't always function as it should. This is now corrected.

IMPROVED: 3D-drawing of niches and crossing tunnels didn't always cut these correctly against the main tunnel. This is now corrected for most of the situations.

NEW: It is now possible to define straight walls for the perimeter, even when the perimeter is defined as an offset of the inner profile.

NEW: It is now possible to define a road surface edge as the vertical reference for the tunnel base line.

NOTE: To be able to store these new values for an existing project, you must first update the feature catalogue version, that is FC 1926 (1.18). For a server project, you must do this upgrade of the FC on the server with Quadri Model Manager. For a local project, you must first make a new project with the new FC and then do a QG4 import of the existing project into the new project.

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