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Save old workset

If you for some reason want to save a version of your Quadri-model to be able to access it later as it was before you did some changes, we recommend the following procedure:

  1. find the directory of the project (righ-click the cloud icon when the project is open in Novapoint and look in the properties window under “path”).
  2. exit Novapoint
  3. copy the whole project from where it is to a local directory where you save this kind of projects
  4. in this copy directory, go to the Job/7/projectname directory and delete the *.server.xml file. This prevents the project from communicating with the server if you open it later
  5. start Novapoint again, open the project, right click the cloud icon and select “Disconnect workset”. This will let the server know this project is not longer in use and delete the local files in the original project directory.
  6. download a new workset to work on

If you then later need something from the old workset, you can import it from your copy.

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