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Version 20.0x.FP1

Updates in Novapoint Railway

Alignment Design

ENHANCED: You can now set start station for an alignment with more than 3 decimals precision.

ENHANCED: Cant with sign: If you switch on use “Cant with sign” in railway mode of Alignment Design, the program will automatically set negative cant where appropriate.

ENHANCED: Added a new user option to remove short straight lines from vertical geometry. Short straight lines can be introduced between consecutive arcs if imported data is of low quality or the radius's are very big.

ENHANCED: A new LandXML export format is added to Alignment Design. This new format includes NADB input data and segmentation info in the XML file. NOTE: If alignment consist of consecutive straight lines, the NADB portion may not be complete or may be empty. This is currently a limitation. It is recommended to use the original LandXML format in this cases.

ENHANCED: In the Add arc function, the user now have the possibility to overrule while designing by having the option in the command line to choose a new length and/or radius to use instead of the default values.

ENHANCED: Vertical help lines is now stored in the model in addition to be stores on the alignment in the Autocad drawing.

ENHANCED: It is now possible to set start station for vertical geometry independently from the horizontal geometry. Right click station column in vertical input tab and use “Set start station…” function.

FIXED: In Advanced 3D offset, added possibility use surface edges from road models, not only railway models. Also, it is now not necessary to select road or railway task if the chosen options does not require such.

FIXED: Zoom to ref.point in vertical drawing.


ENHANCED: A rail gauge parameter has been added to the CSWizard's page 2. This makes it easy to have different rail gauges for different projects.

FIXED: Missing pavement in first section


FIXED: Excel report: Cant with sign now supported.

FIXED: KM stationing xml files are now shared on server without having to save the XML files from Acad side (previous workaround).

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