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Connect Polyline to Road

Use the following procedure to connect a bridge cross-section (cross-section drawn on AutoCAD drawing) to road.

MOUS_ICO Menu: Bridge Connect !!Polyline!! to Road
MOUS_ICO Toolbar: Bridge Connect Polyline to Road

Command prompts for:

Select the road: Select objects:

Select the road surface line that was generated from the tool Draw Cross Section. Finish with the key Return. Command prompts for:

Select a polyline:

Select the bridge cross-section, which was constructed and is to be registered.

The dialog box 'Register Polyline' will pop up. Fill in the fields Number and Description in the dialog box below and press Register.

The dialog box 'Point Types' will pop up. Select a point type from the dialog box. If you are not sure what type to choose, type 1 is probably your best option. See the topic 'Point Types and Connection Mechanism' for detailed description on Point Types.

Select a point type by clicking on one of the icons. You will be asked to fill in reference points for the selected point type, they could be road points to specify how the road slope is to be measured or bridge points to specify local X and Y axis. Specify the reference points by writing the road surface numbers or by pointing to the bridge points. Command prompts for:

Enter the left axis road point ←1.1>:

Enter the right axis road point <1.1>:

Enter the origin road point <0.0>:

The connection is registered in the drawing and the breakpoints for the polyline are shown with red grips. You now have to save the cross section to the Bridge database.

Save Key Section to Database

Select the all the polylines of the current bridge cross-section. This function saves information about the bridge cross-section to the Bridge database. All the points on the registered polyline are now registered with the same point type.

If you want another point type for one point or a selection of points on the polyline, you can easily do this with the function Change Point Type.

Note: If you want to change the point type for the entire polyline you can do this easily by using the tool 'Connect Polyline to Road' again. In such case command prompts for:

Xdata already exists. Overwrite? (Yes/No) <N>:

Answer Yes and the last connection is overwritten in the drawing.

Note: The entity must be saved again with Save Key Section to Database to update the database.

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