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Novapoint 21 FP4a

  • Novapoint 21 fungerar tillsammans med AutoCAD 2017, 2018 och 2019
  • Vid användande av Quadriserver måste denna vara uppgraderad till version 3.0 eller senare
  • Modeller som är skapade i en tidigare version av Novapoint kommer att uppgraderas om de öppnas i Novapoint 21. Efter uppgraderingen kan modellen inte öppnas av tidigare versioner av Novapoint. Dock så skapas en backup av modellen innan själva konverteringsprocessen startar.
  • Användare med grafikkort från NVIDIA bör uppdatera grafikkortets drivrutin till senaste version för optimal prestanda och stabilitet

Släppt: 2019-07-03

Kända fel och brister

Hur modeller migreras från Novapoint 20 to 21

FAQ för uppdatering av modeller från Novapoint 20 to 21

Länkar: Bas | Väg | Samhällsplanering | Landskap | Terräng | Järnväg | Buller | Bro | Tunnel | VA/Kabel | Fjärrvärme | Vägmärken | Vägmarkering | Anläggning | GeoSuite | Easy Access | Trafiknät |

Version 21.0x FP4a

Version 21.FP4a
Updates in Novapoint Road

For changes related to specific countries/configs check these links:
Denmark | Finland | France | Norway | Sweden

NOTE: For updates on the Intersection task please go here.

Build model

IMPROVED/FIXED: Roadmodels going in circle and crossing itself had strange results.

FIXED: Quality fill had some strange triangulations in some cases

FIXED: Terrain profiles in cross-sections took a shortcut when the TIN (from LandXML) was corrupted/bad data.

Aligment Design

FIXED: Opening an alignment after use of “Trim Horizontal Geometry” set the wrong start chainage.

Draw to CAD

IMPROVED/FIXED: Update Longitudinal Profile / Cross-sections could crash when 3rd party clean-up tools had deleted necessary TEMP-files for the function.


FIXED: Help-button didn't work.

FIXED: Turning OFF solids checkbox also removed the roadbed results.

IMPROVED: Ditch areas now include DitchSlopeBottom feature.

Version 21 FP4a

Updates in Novapoint Water and Sewer

FIXED: Offset distance for pipe to center manhole was not kept using Move_manhole command

FIXED: Pipe slope was wrong after adding adding horizontal breakpoints

FIXED: Offset of trench related to road/railroad model did not move the manholes

FIXED: Function “Not show trench” in graphic did not synchronize plan and vertical presentations in some cases

FIXED: A non existing taper dimension was in some cases displayed in the Multi edit manhole dialogue

FIXED: Using “Show pipe angles” in Construction Tools menu, caused problem in graphical update of vertical temp drawing. Problem with graphic happen for trenches that are connected in a common node. Some parts of the presentation is missing, and doesn't present active trench but parts of other trench (manholes and ref lines).

NEW: Added edit function “Snap pipes to center” on Connection right click menu


FIXED: Support for special signs

FIXED: User defined linetypes was not presented in Config list

Base (Quadri desktop)

UPDATED: Extend sub grouping in TableView to support attribute with 'double' type

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