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Download from FTP and Update Service

Q: Trying to use the Update Service, download files and/or installation but the FPT-link is not open, Why?

A: This is because Chrome does not open FTP links any more. Download Quadri/Novapoint++ will then fail from our sites in Chrome.

Chrome wants to remove support for FTP links due to security. For details see:

With updates of Chrome, you will probably not get any response for FTP links. Nothing happens when you click on the link. Firefox / Edge still works OK.

Mail with FTP links will also fail if the default browser is Chrome. You may copy and paste FTP links into Edge or Firefox to get access.

There is a way to enable the old FTP support in Chrome:

  1. Start Chrome
  2. Paste the following line into the address bar: chrome://flags/
  3. Search for «FTP»
  4. For the «Enable support for FTP URLs», select Enabled in the list
  5. Restart Chrome

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