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Version 20.00 FP2

Updates in Novapoint WS|Cable


NEW: Task template for multi generating of 3D pipes (sweep)


NEW: Parameter for material to add Inlet-Outlet diff in mabhole NYTT: Parameter to depth for sandtrap (Sump)

Presentation - Long section

NEW: Split vertical


NEW: Status indicator when Locking manhole height (change connection color to red) NEW: Show angle in graphic for breakpoints (horisontal- and vertical drawing)

NEW: Trim pipe start-/endpoint to manhole edge

NEW: Tools menu > possible to update trench bottom for all trenches

NEW: Setting for node moving trench start- or endpoint, without moving connected manholes

NEW: Extended info for connected pipes

NEW: Tools menu > possible to update result conversion file

NEW: Mulighet i beregningsdialogen til å vise kun traseer som er endret siden forrige beregning


IMPROVED: LandXML format from WS model

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