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Version 20.00 FP1

Updates in Novapoint Water and Sewer

BASE - Drawing rules

NEW: Default WS drawing rule reading materialtype and texture from WS Configuration DB.

Textures are predefined based on material type. For manholes and pipes with plastic material(PE, PP, PVC,..), textures can be selected only from Plastic-folder, and for Concrete and Steel respectively from Concrete-maand Steel-folder), and other materials from Color-folder. If user select texture from other folders, which is not “material relevant”, the pipe network color is presented instead (Water=Blue, etc)


NEW: Possible to edit manhole height NEW: Possible to lock manhole height NEW: Possible to view brekpoint angle in graphic (horisontal- og vertical drawing).

Presentation - Longsection

NEW: Possible to draw multiple trench longsections in one process

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