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I can not see Timeline and Tasks in Quadri Easy Access

If Timeline and Tasks in Easy Access show the following error: No valid response from Quadri, it might be because your Quadri server is behind a firewall and Easy Access can not reach the data. Check the following:

NAT and Firewall settings for Quadri for Browser

For Quadri for Browser to be able to receive data from the enabled projects in Quadri, it might be necessary to do some changes in you firewall:


If the server has a private IP address, use NAT to give it a public IP address.


The following IP addresses must be given access to the server on the current port (usually 80 or 443) in the firewall:

Access to models in Novapoint 20 on

Access to models in Novapoint 21 on

Access to models in Quadri for Windows 2020 (/Novapoint 2020) on

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