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How do I move a model from one server to another

If you want to move a model with all it's projects to another server, here is a procedure you can follow:

  1. First make sure all user's (including yourself) have shared changes and released all reservations in this model. We also recommend having them disconnect all worksets (except you, since you need them to do the move)
  2. Then make sure you have a workset of all projects in the model downloaded and updated on your pc from the original server
  3. Go to QMM and copy all information you need: Feature Catalogue, CRS and also the Area Of Interest (when you see the map, press the “…” over the map, then you can copy the coordinates) for each project into a text file.
  4. Set the model unavailable on this server
  5. Create a new model on the target server. Be sure to specify exactly the same Feature Catalogue, coordinate systems and Area Of Interest.
  6. If there is more than 1 project in the model, create all the other projects as well.

Now for each project:

  1. Open the original workset in Quadri for Windows. Click on the cloud symbol for the project, go to the “Properties” window and copy the full path to the model.
  2. Close this workset
  3. Add and download the newly created project from the target server
  4. Go to “Insert Quadri G4” and paste in the full path to the original workset you copied earlier.
  5. Share and release everything
  6. Now open the original workset again, right click the cloud and select “Disconnect”, to remove the old files.
NB! You will not get any timeline copied with this procedure.
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