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What is a binder and how does it relate to worksets?

Binder (def.)

BinderEither you create a single-user Quadri model, or download a workset from a private cloud using Quadri, this is stored locally on your PC (or at an available file server, but read this first). Novapoint creates the Binder file (*.NpBinder) and use it as a link to the Quadri model(s).

The binder is meant to be private for each user, typically having one for each project.

You can also imagine handling more than one project in the same binder, as long as the projects are related to each other in some way.

You also may download several worksets from the same model, and thus link it into the same binder, to have more detailed control over when you share your changes with others. You do this by working with different tasks in each workset, and share independently.

So, the reason for the binder is to keep - bind together - a set of related Quadri models. The binder also remembers what windows you had loaded the last time.


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