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Updates in Novapoint Road Marking

All versions

  • IMPROVED: General - Replaced shared OCX with a new Standard Control DLL (#HAN-539)

Danish version

  • FIXED: CUIX - The “Modify” button was not ok in Ribbon (#HAN-423)

Norwegian version

  • FIXED: General - The default linetype is sometimes blank in settings (#HAN-426)
  • FIXED: General - Incresed the maximum number of segment supported (#HAN-555)
  • FIXED: General - Updated geometry of symbols according to updated standard (#HAN-556)
  • FIXED: Linetype - The linetype “Varsellinje” was is in some cases misspelled (#HAN-552)

Swedish version

  • FIXED: General - FATAL ERROR when converting old drawings fixed (#HAN-409)
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