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License Setup

Before being able to start your work in the road module you need to first activate it from the Module Loader.

The Module Loader is found in the Novapoint CAD Ribbon/Menu.

  1. Start the CAD software from Novapoint
  2. Navigate to the Novapoint Ribbon/Menu
  3. Find and start the Module Loader on the lefthand side
  4. (if a settings dialog appears just close it down)
  5. Look for either Novapoint Road Standard, or Novapoint Road Professional to start the module

Using Road Standard license after NP19.30

After Novapoint 19.30, road designing is available in the Novapoint Base stand-alone application. However, for Road Standard users, this produces some messages (see message box below) if not doing some simple steps the first time you start (hopefully you should have gotten most of this information when purchasing the license)

  1. Close the CAD software and Novapoint.
  2. Navigate to the installation and find the folder ..\NP_Acad\Base\Utils
  3. Run the registry file: DCM_Road-RoadStandard_On.reg

If not doing these steps the message box may appear when trying to build the road task from Novapoint Base using a Road Standard license.

When you have a license for Road Standard (not the Professional version) the use of the road model is a little different.

With Road Standard creating a road task is the same procedure, but editing the task is done from a Windows-based floating dialog. To start this dialog simply double-click the road task. The dialogs is started from different menus, but the content and results is the same.

Note that similar warnings will appear when trying to start other modules without having the correct license.

If you get the messagebox for missing license at any point, try running the registry file to turn Road Standard ON/OFF.
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