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Version 20.0x.FP4

Updates in Novapoint Road

Alignment Design

IMPROVED: Export to LandXML gave wrong values for “startSta” for vertical geometry that could be confusing for users. Results were still correct.

IMPROVED: Description and logic for reading and comparison of alignment from drawing against alignment found in the Quadri model.

CORRECTED: Crash in function when using trim/extend from CAD-functions.

CORRECTED: Overwrite of alternatives in specific workflows.

Deep blasting

CORRECTED: Deep blasting comes and goes in some cases.

CORRECTED: Crossfall on deep blasting surface changed to abrupt in some cases.

Draw Horizontal Geometry

IMPROVED: Does now draw with the vertical geometry.

CORRECTED: Instance where not all elements were draw as desired according to the drawing style.

Draw Longitudinal Profile

CORRECTED: First and last chainage beneath the longitudinal profile part was missing.

CORRECTED: Widening did not always draw with widening values.

Vehicle Track Analysis

CORRECTED: Outer edge of vehicle was not correct for multi-jointed vehicles where these went wider than the pull-wagon.

CORRECTED: Crash when using Draw Tracks in NP20.05/CAD2017.

3D Object along Line

CORRECTED: Crash when selecting vertical from Terrain Elevation


NEW/IMPROVED: New functionality to simplify the surface for inner slope that continues along the terrain to the fill edge. In some cases this produced to many points in the cross-section for software to handle for machine controll equipment.

By turning on this functionality a warning is given that the quantities will not be calculated.

The functionality is found under Road Task > Design > Settings > Elements > Setting out > Simplify inner slope surface on terrain.


CORRECTED: Error in export report to TILOS.

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