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Version 20.0x.FP2

Updates in Novapoint Road

NEW: If it is regeistered an error in the cross-section calculation (Error or Serious Error) or on the conversion rules (error code -108) there is now restrictions in saving the results to Quadri and to do the mass calculations. This is possible to override with a check box in Novapoint Base.


CHANGED: Text on buttons for “Select Calculation Basis” and “Select Illustration Objects” is shortened to minimize the use of space in the Road Ribbons in Novapoint Base.

IMPROVED: Assessing when the road task should build or not when pressing OK.

REMOVED: Possibility to extract mass report on parts of the road stretch since it did not give the correct results in start and/or end chainages. We therefore recommend rebuilding the roadmodel in the sections that the mass calculation is wanted.

CORRECTED: Crash when extracting Setting Out Data for Windows 10.

CORRECTED: Import from IND with special norwegian characters in filepath.

Alignment Design

NEW: Now possible to store multiple vertical geometries as helplines directly from an active verticalgeometry. This supplements todays option to store helplines from lines/polylines.

CORRECTED: Shortening a horizontal geometry could affect the vertical geometry.

CORRECTED: Arctype “Long” or “Short” was wrong in some instances when using “Pick Angular Point”.

CORRECTED: Propose segments could feil when there was a Line-Line combination in the geometry.

CORRECTED/IMPROVED: In some cases the reservations of alignments was not done correctly in server projects. There is now an extra check on this and an error message is given if needed.

CORRECTED: Crash in some special cases.

CORRECTED: Copy and Offset gave alignments with wrong radius.

Crossfall and Widening calculations

CORRECTED: Broken shoulder could give wrong calculation results.

CORRECTED: Criterias to give error message about “Radius less then minimum” is changed. (Norwegian standards)

Relocate Chainage

CORRECTED: Did not move stationing for Landscaping and Deep Blasting.

CORRECTED: Using the function gave a new row in the description for defining where the different templates are valid.

Road model Descriptions

NEW: Possible to set if the road surface boundaries are used for Bridge, Tunnel or Retaining Wall.

IMPROVED: In cases where the user has added a double “Break” in the roadmodel description right after one-another, one is removed to clean up the description.

CORRECTED: Rehabilitation fuction gave some wrong results when the existing lines crossed surfaces for designed as curbstones.

CHANGED/REMOVED: Check box to “Always store results” in the road models Settings > Elements is removed and moved to the Road Ribbons in Novapoint Base. This increases visibility and accessibility for the function in combination with the storing restrictions imposed on errors in the cross-sections.

Sight Distance Analysis

CORRECTED: All sight lines was red because of errors in the Rules for Result.

Drawing to CAD

IMPROVED: Better fitting for the preview of selection for the longitudinal profile based on actual build road section and requested frame size.

CORRECTED: Crossfall was not always drawn to Longitudinal Profiles with very dense calculation intervals.

CORRECTED: Longitudinal Profile with a blue terrain line and layername “unknown material”. The line was also not cut when usin Split Longitudinal Profile.

CORRECTED: Updating cross-sections did not cut the terrain and sub-surface layers correctly.

CORRECTED: Stop/crash in drawing cross-sections where the external models was clipped.

NEW/IMPROVED/CORRECTED: Function for “Draw Cross-section Elevation” in Draw Road Model has a new functionality and is generally improved to replace the current separate function for Draw Cross-secton Elevation by being able to draw elevations along reference alignment and has Block-support. Drawing with ByLayer color and color set on the layer is now correct.

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