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Version 20.0x.FP1a

Updates in Novapoint Road

Alignment Design

CORRECTED: Propose Segments changed geometry on Line-Line combinations.

REMOVED/IMPROVED: Prompt for radius/length input when adding new element introduced in FP1 is removed. Rather then always have this active it is now possible to turn it on/off in the Alignment Design Settings.

Road model and quantity calculation

REVERTED: Solution to no longer store results if there are errors in the cross-section calculation is reverted as it created to many support cases in models with errors. NOTE: The solution will be reintroduced in the near future to make sure that the models do not store results if they have errors or serious errors. The reintroduction will be done with the option to bypass this by the user, a bypass that does not exist today.

Draw Horizontal Geometry

CORRECTED: Not all drawing styles was drawn depending on computer and user-defined drawing style.

Draw Cross-sections

CORRECTED: Crash when deselecting a titleblock in the setup.

Draw Object Along Line

CORRECTED: Crash in certain situations

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