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Getting Started

To be able to create and work with a road model in the Trimble Novapoint environment you need to check and/or create the following:

  1. The Setup
  2. A Reference Alignment
  3. A Road Model

The Setup

Before we start you will have to have both Novapoint and CAD installed. Note that if there are different versions of CAD-software available, be sure to check that you have a version that is compatible with the Novapoint you are running.

In order to start working with the Road Module in Novapoint you will have to have a license for the product. You also have to activate the module and “take” a license through the Module Loader.

To start the Module Loader you will have to start the CAD-software and go to the Novapoint ribbon.

The CAD-software needs to be started from the Novapoint environment to be able to communicate with Novapoint.

In the Module Loader select the Road Module and Start it. It is also practical to hit the button with the key to make sure you always have a license when you start the program.

With all this checked out you are now good to go.

The Reference Alignment

To create a Road Model we need to first have an Alignment that the Road Model will follow.

You will need to create a Line task in Novapoint Base and attach an alignment to this task. The alignment can be selected directly from result objects in the Quadrimodel, but it is normally necessary to create it in the Alignment Design. Remember to create an alignment with both horizontal and vertical geometry.

The Road Model

With the Reference Alignment created it is now possible to create a Road Model. Go to Novapoint Base > Modelling > Road and create a Road task. In the road task we select which reference alignment to use and what road standard template to apply to it. Remember to set the Calculation Basis for the model.

When the road model has been created the first time you can now edit the road model in the Design ribbon on the road task.

When you have a license for Road Standard (not the Professional version) the use of the road model is a little different.

With Road Standard creating a road task is the same procedure, but editing the task is done from a Windows-based floating dialog. To start this dialog simply double-click the road task. The dialogs is started from different menus, but the content and results is the same.

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