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Quadri 2020

If you use Model Server, this version can only be used with Model Server 3.0 or newer.

Models created with Novapoint 20 or earlier versions, will be converted on opening in Quadri 2020 and can ONLY be used in Novapoint 21 and Quadri 2020, and it will not be possible to open them with Novapoint 20 or earlier versions after conversion.

Quadri 2020.FP1i (released: 14-09-2021)

Quadri 2020.FP1h (released: 02-09-2021)

Quadri 2020.FP1g (released: 25-08-2021)

Quadri 2020.FP1f (released: 30-06-2021)

Quadri 2020.FP1e (released: 27-05-2021)

Quadri 2020.FP1d (released: 29-04-2021)

Quadri 2020.FP1c (released: 23-02-2021)

Quadri 2020.FP1b (released: 15-02-2021)

Quadri 2020.FP1a (released: 13-11-2020)

Quadri 2020.FP1 (released: 09-10-2020)

Quadri 2020.a (released: 08-07-2020)

Quadri 2020 (released: 19-05-2020)

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