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Model Server 3.2

Released: Jan 2021

NB: To run Model Server 3.2, you need Novapoint version 21 or newer.


New in Model Manager

New report sowing last activities on models

[ Models / Models / Last Activity ]

The report shows: Latest - Create - Join - Share - Recieve - Reserve - Release

The generate the report click on Update Status.

The report take several minutes to generate and will be generated in the background.

The report can be exported to .csv using the small arrow in upper right corner

New Server parameter

[Server / Settings / Server Parameters ]

Number of hours invitations will be valid. This is the invitation emails sent to Administrators and Project participants.

Default value = 24 (hours)

Enhancements ( What's improved )

List of invitations

This list shows all invitations sent, model / project and when accepted

Invitation email

Name of sender and project name / server is included in the subject.

Fixed ( Resolved issues)

This release address several stability issues.

Known issues

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