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Model Server 3.2.d

Released: June 2021

NB: To run Model Server 3.2, you need Novapoint version 21 or newer.

Trimble Identity v3 will be deprecated from 1. september 2021.

This update adds support for clients using Trimble Identity v4 authentication

This applies to Model Servers set up using Trimble ID as identity provider

Model Manager

If the Model Server is set up using Trimble ID as identy provider, the authentication is changed to Trimble Identity v4, thus the Model Manager sign in page has a new layout.

Fixed (Resolved issues)

Sign in to Modelmanager failed with error message: Culture is not supported.

This is now fixed.

An issue where “Accept invitation” to a project failed if the user had previously accepted an invitation.

This is now fixed

Model Server

This update adds support for clients using Trimble Identity v4.

When installed the Model Server will support clients using both Trimble Identity v3 and v4.

Fixed (Resolved issues)

This update addresses situations where receive model changes failed.

This update resolve an issue where the QuadriMaintService 3.0 caused high CPU usage on the server.

Known issues

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