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Model Server 3.2.b

Released: March 2021

NB: To run Model Server 3.2, you need Novapoint version 21 or newer.

Model Manager


New Report showing latest activities for users.

Server / Users / Last Activities on Users

To generate the report click on Update Status. The report take several minutes to generate and will be generated in the background. The report can be exported to .csv using the small arrow in upper right corner


Project useres: Email address included in user information

Export models to .csv: The report now includes the email address for users.

Model Server

Fixed ( Resolved issues)

This release address several stability issues.

Known issues

The email address for users are resolved when a user Accept an invitation. As a result users that have accepted the invitation prior to this update is applied the email address field will be empty. Trimble Civil support can help resolve this issue.

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