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Trimble Quadri 3.0.FP4g

Released: September 2020

  • To run Trimble Quadri 3 you need Novapoint version 21 or newer.
  • NP20 users that use Quadri 2 models must have installed NP20.xx.FP6c or a more recent client version to use with Quadri 2 models when the server is upgrading to Quadri 3
  • This version is an upgrade of Trimble Quadri 3. If you have both Quadri 2 and Quadri 3 installed in parallel on your server, installing this version will not alter your version 2 installation.

Trimble Quadri Server

Quadri Model Manager Due to infrastructure changes that will occur 1.october this update is required.. If not applied the following error situations may occur:

  • When Trimble ID is the identity provider invitations to projects or administrators will fail.
  • Enable / Disable projects for Easy Access / Quadri for Browser will fail.

Quadri Server

  • Bug fixes
In combined environments Trimble Quadri 3.0 / Trimble Quadri 2.x,

Trimble Quadri 2.x have to be upgraded to Trimble Quadri 2.1.A

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