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Trimble Quadri 2.2.a

Released: June 2021

  • To access Trimble Quadri 2.2 you need Novapoint version 20FP6c or newer.
  • This version is an upgrade of Trimble Quadri 2.1.x and can only be installed in parallel with Model Server 3.2.D or newer.
  • This version will not alter your version 3. installation.
  • Only for servers running Model server 3.2 side by side with Trimble Quadri 2.x
Trimble Identity v3 will be deprecated from 1. september 2021.

This update adds support for clients using Trimble Identity v4 authentication

Applies to Model Servers set up using Trimble ID as identity provider

Quadri Model Manager

Quadri server

This update add support for clients using Trimble Identity v4.

When installed the Model Server will support clients using both Trimble Identity v3 and v4.

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